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Merchant Rates

eBay Commerce Network Merchant Program

CPC pricing model
eBay Commerce Network's merchant program is performance based, meaning you only pay when we deliver a customer to your site. We operate on a Cost-per-Click (CPC) model, where rates vary by product price and category.

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Drive more sales with our bidding tools
The bidding platform is a traffic acquisition tool merchants can leverage to increase their product visibility by securing prominent featured placements within the eBay Commerce Network.

Maximise reach at the right ROI
The eBay Commerce Network leverages Value Based Pricing (VBP), our unique traffic management tool, to deliver meaningful traffic to merchants at the right ROI. VBP dynamically discounts CPCs based on the traffic quality from our publisher network.Learn more.

Cost to get started
The minimum budget to get started is $250 and this entire amount will be applied towards a merchant's leads. There are no other fees to get started. As the eBay Commerce Network delivers customers to a merchant's site, the CPC rates will be deducted from the specified budget. Merchants can easily customise a monthly budget and once it's depleted, products will be removed from our network. Learn More

Accepted payment options
We prefer PayPal as our primary payment option, however also accept credit cards and wire transfer. Once you've created an account, you can link your PayPal account within the Merchant Account Centre or make a manual payment by credit card.